Best Present for a Coffee Lover

Gift a hassle-free coffee discovery journey to someone who's really into coffee. Just pick the suitable package below!

How Coffeeopia Works

Personalizing your coffee journey with each cup, using your feedback to perfect your brew.


Our AI-driven algorithm chooses coffee based on what you like. If you're new to us, we'll surprise you!

Coffee is roasted

Your coffee is fresh-roasted to order by top artisan coffee roasters.


Your coffee is packed and sent directly to your door. Just brew and enjoy!

"I've just bought a 6-month Coffeeopia gift certificate for my husband for Christmas, and I'm so excited for him to try it. Knowing how much he enjoys his coffee, I'm certain he's going to be absolutely thrilled with this gift!"

Diana P (Sheffield, UK)

How We Stand Apart from Other Subscription Services

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    Smart Matching, Not Guessing

    Instead of relying on basic questions, our system smartly learns what you like. We analyze your tastes to match you with coffee that hits the spot every time.

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  • 2

    More Choices, Not Just More Coffee

    Our focus is on variety. We partner with a widest possible range of roasters to bring you an exciting mix, not just bulk quantities from a few for bigger profits. This means you get to try and enjoy a world of different flavors.

    Coffee bags
  • 3

    Fine-Tuning Your Coffee Profile

    Every time you review a coffee, we get a clearer picture of what you love. This helps us fine-tune your future selections, making each one more in tune with your personal taste.

    Coffee tasting by Sincerely Media
  • 4

    Always Getting Better

    At Coffeeopia, our journey is never over. We’re constantly updating and improving to make sure you always have the best coffee experience. We’re your reliable guide to new and exciting coffee flavors.

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Choose the Suitable Package

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